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“I was wrongfully terminated” is the phrase we hear the most. “Were you discriminated” or “were you discriminatorily terminated” is the question we need to answer.

Unless you worked for the government, were a union member, or worked under a written employment contract you usually need to belong to a protected class of employees to have a shot at recovering more than unemployment benefits. But if you are denied unemployment it will be very tough to win discriminatory termination.

In 2018, three of the most frequently discriminated classes of employees, even in New York, to which you might belong are:

  1. Disabled or perceived or regarded as disabled employees. If you take prescription medication, suffer with a learning or emotional disorder, are recovered from drug or alcohol addiction, or have any number of hundreds of psychological, emotional, behavioral, or physical disabilities you may qualify as protected.
  2. Because of sex, gender stereotyping, or sexual orientation are all protected classes of employees in New York. This includes the “MeToo” victims and the ongoing struggles of the LGBT community.
  3. Many types of Title VII discrimination including associational discrimination with persons identified in numbers 1 and 2 above.

No law requires employers to be nice to any employee. If the employer is nasty to everyone that may not be illegal.

No law requires employers to give anyone a raise. If the employer never recognizes the hardest workers that may not be illegal.

No law requires employers to evaluate their workers or give them feedback. If an employer never evaluates anyone or fires people for no reason that may not be illegal.

Employment law cases are tough to prove. And they sometimes last years or even decades. Once you are in court, no lawyer can predict whether your case will take 10 months or 10 years for the final decision. And most importantly, settlement can not be forced on either side.

We examine the evidence to decide whether there are enough facts to survive motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment. Most importantly, we decide whether the facts are strong enough that a jury or judge would more likely than not decide in your favor?

Unless you work for the government, belong to a union or are lucky enough to have a written contract of employment employers need no reason to fire anyone. They can not fire someone for an illegal reason which is what we look for.

Employment lawyers can help with:

Even highly skilled employment lawyers face challenges proving the above. Bad publicity is not as feared by either side any longer. News media cycles are usually short-lived.

Urba Law PLLC tackles the tough labor law and employment law cases. Employment lawyers know that good facts make good cases and strong defenses. On the plaintiff’s side we look for credible clients with access to direct or persuasive circumstantial evidence. On the defense side we need a stopper witness. A stopper witness is one that employment lawyers, plaintiff or defense side, recognize as articulate and persuasive. Even when that one witness might be you. Luckily our justice system does not count numbers of witnesses to decide the winner.

Employment lawyers focus on spotting unlawful employment practices including those dealing with trade secrets.  Not in writing? DTSA adds to New York Common Law. We want to provide all clients with the best possible representation. On occasion we will team up with other dedicated, committed, experienced employment lawyers. All knowledgeable regarding employment law including trade secrets issues. We do not give tax advice and will tell you so.

Some employment lawyers represent only one side. We do both. Most clients are employees. Sometimes a small employer needs help as well.  And helping is what we do. We can’t help everyone and will tell you so if that’s what we think. We examine the facts closely regardless of who a potential client might be. We take time on the phone. We usually take even more time during an office consultation.  https://urbanylaw.com/client-reviews/

You should take as much or more time when choosing employment lawyers to represent you if you with an employment law or trade secrets issue. It is the smart thing to do!

Jonas Urba handles a wide range of labor law and employment matters. The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 (DTSA) is one federal law which notably expands New York common law applicable to employees and employers. The duty of loyalty to an employer, the employee choice doctrine, and faithless servant doctrines all continue. But fee shifting statutes and equitable remedies make this area of law especially interesting and challenging.

If you have received notice from an employer regarding termination or your duties to an employer or believe you have been subjected to an unlawful employment practice call us. If you need help informally, at mediation, or in federal court with an employment law including trade secrets issue you should retain legal counsel. We deal with severance agreements, non-compete and non-solicitation clauses as well as restrictive covenants. Trade secrets is big business in New York.

Employment lawyers handle:

  • Employment law including trade secrets, restrictive covenants, and New York’s common law duties which include loyalty
  • Title VII race, religion, national origin discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Hostile workplace
  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
  • Family Medical Leave Act https://urbanylaw.com/fmla-interference/
  • Charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Verified complaints with the New York State Division of Human Rights, New York City Commission on Human Rights, New York Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board, New York Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, New York State Justice Center
  • Formal complaints or lawsuits at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York and United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Call Jonas Urba at: (914) 366-7366 to consult in Tarrytown or New York City. https://urbanylaw.com/employment-law-statewide/

Every year Jonas represents more clients who he never personally meets. Agreements, document reviews, consultations by phone, and e-mail correspondence address clients’ legal needs. What former clients say; in their own words.

Initial telephone conferences are no charge. If Jonas has not convinced you during one or possibly a few telephone conferences that he is your best choice for legal representation he never takes that personally. New York has many lawyers and no one lawyer is the best fit for every potential client. Any lawyer-client relationship needs to feel right for client and lawyer. The sooner each one recognizes that the better. Hiring a lawyer based on money is like getting married for that reason. The chances of either relationship lasting are about the same.

After we decide whether we are the right fit for each other we will discuss billing. Jonas will provide examples of how much e-mails might cost, how much a 1, 2, or 3 page letter might cost, and discuss telephone conferences. You are not paying for him to tell you about his billing practices and costs. If you and he decide that he is the right lawyer for you he will e-mail you a credit card invoice for an initial retainer. On-line payments are simple and Urba Law PLLC even absorbs the three percent credit card processing fee in most cases. The only time you pay that fee is if, when legal services are finalized, Urba Law PLLC owes you a refund. Although rare, in that case the credit card processing fee would be deducted from the refund given back to you. New York’s ethics laws are very clear. Lawyers may not accept non-refundable retainers.

Clients are copied and pasted with e-mails to employers’ lawyers, told how long conferences took, and know how much services provided to date cost. There should never be a billing surprise. Any client who has not kept track of e-mail correspondence is welcome to ask for a balance at any time. Jonas recently represented a few clients who insisted on replenishing their retainers. If only that happened more often.

Urba Law PLLC clients understands that time is money. We respect our clients’ time as much as they do ours.

Contingent fees are available in cases where strong facts and evidence support such claims. They usually involve fee shifting statutes. Ask about those if you think they might apply to you.

If your matter concerns New York’s employment laws or an employment matter in New York or even a corporate office anywhere within the state of New York call Urba Law PLLC for help. Even if you live outside these areas but your work was in New York, call for a consultation. Although the firm limits its work to mostly federal courts in New York, we may be able to help with administrative, ADR or union issues that affect New York employment no matter where you live now.

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