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Texts might work for other areas of law. Phone calls are best for employment law.

For employment discrimination matters call and speak with employment lawyers directly!

Urba Law has represented clients remotely even before COVID-19, for almost 20 years. Long distance legal representation for the firm is not new because client selectivity has always been important. Retaining an employment lawyer should be the same for you.

Make sure to complete the confidential, potential client intake form in full. Your doing so says a lot about how important your employment law matter is for you.

Severance agreements and noncompetition agreements are reviewed for flat rates. A no-charge initial phone conference determines what your main concerns might be. Remember that employee handbooks, offer letters, and other documents might have to be reviewed too.

For employment discrimination matters, statutes of limitations are critically important:

  • 300 days to file with the EEOC.
  • 1 year, in most cases, to file a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights.
  • 3 years might seem like a long time to file in a New York State Supreme Court. But how many lawyers might represent you on a contingent fee basis for that type of a claim?
  • Limitations periods are triggered by adverse employment actions, usually the date you lost your job.
  • Employment discrimination claims are tough to prove. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your filing times are tight for a reason. Over time, claims get even harder to prove.

If you risk missing one of these deadlines, file on your own which is called “pro se”. If necessary, you can seek legal counsel after you file, even though the best practice is to do so before filing so that your plausible theory is more developed from the start.

Make sure to exhaust your administrative remedies. If you are in a union, insist on each and every grievance procedure available in your collective bargaining agreement. Read it carefully. Insist on following through with grievances even if you think your union does not care.

Urba Law PLLC always drafts a written representation agreement which specifically describes the terms of representation, including the compensation and anticipated expenses, for every employment discrimination complainant. Electronically scanned, they are as valid as mailed agreements.

Be prepared for a long fight. Lightning speed might be 5 or 6 months. Litigation can take years. Appeals can take even longer, sometimes a decade.

Nuisance value claims might settle or resolve quickly. Demand letter lawyers who are not interested in filing charges or complaints might charge to draft your demand letter. Make sure to ask about low offers from employers, assuming an employer makes any offer at all. Many of today’s employers have no fear of litigation. Will the demand lawyer you retained continue representing you if you refuse to accept an offer following the demand letter? Ask.

Urba Law will almost never substitute as counsel for a law firm which initiated representation of a client. That’s because the initial correspondence on any claim is critical and that can never be redone. Real money claims, even with strong facts, usually take longer. And the way a claim is handled from the beginning can extend its life by years. 

If Urba Law PLLC undertakes to represent you it will be there for the long haul unless you do something or fail to do something which impairs the firm’s ability in your continued representation. And the terms will be spelled out in an attorney-client representation agreement signed by attorney and client.

Following are some interesting recent employment law decisions from New York. The three main themes include case dismissals are not uncommon, arbitration is here to stay, and all noncompetition injunctions are no longer rare.

Discriminated employees and their lawyers must invest many hours truly digging for facts, not speculating, crafting plausible theories, or risk outright dismissal. State and federal courts continue supporting arbitration. Should dismissals in courts keep rising, will employees fare any better in arbitration? Noncompetition injunctions are looking like a growth industry as even the sophisticated overlook reading agreements before signing.



1980 – B.S. – Indiana University

1983 – M.B.A. – University of South Florida

1988 – J.D. – Valparaiso University School of Law

1988 – Admitted to the Florida Bar (retired in 2012 following New York Bar admission)

1989 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida

1993 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida

1994 – Admitted to the Colorado Bar (withdrew in 2012 following New York Bar admission)

1994 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the District of Colorado

2008 – Admitted to the Massachusetts Bar (continue inactive licensure)

2011 – Admitted to the New York Bar. Practice exclusively employment law. Serve all of New York State from Buffalo to Manhattan and everywhere in between.

2014 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

2015 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York

2020 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York

2020 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Western District of New York

More than 50 videos are posted on a YouTube Channel called Employment Law Reality Check. The following video talks about why phone calls beat texts to employment lawyers:

Video transcript:

I’m Jonas Urba, a New York employment lawyer here with Employment Law Reality Check. I’m going to talk about texting versus phone calls. It’s very important for you to call lawyers, not just text us. Because in a couple of minutes we can determine whether you need to talk to us, whether we can refer you to another attorney, or whether we need to dig a little bit deeper. We can probably answer your questions very quickly and if you have an issue which requires attention we can get to the really important facts. Employment law is all about facts and if you don’t have the facts right up front your case is probably not going to go very well. Call some employment lawyers, call me, I’m Jonas Urba, I serve the entire state of New York and I can be reached at (212) 731-4776. Attorney Advertising.

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V. Jonas Urba limits his practice to New York State and federal laws as applied in New York. He is exclusively New York based and solely New York employment law focused since 2011. He has more than 20 years of employment law experience in three separate states. 

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