Employment lawyer Jonas Urba reviews settlement agreements

The Second Circuit admits that many settlement terms for overtime claims are less than $20,000 even after recent mandates that federal judges conduct fairness reviews to compare the amount of attorneys’ fees being paid versus the amount paid to clients or employees, federal judges’ powers limited to: 1) accept settlement terms as written, 2) reject… Read More

New York City employs many domestic workers

Domestic worker’s hostile workplace, including sexually explicit comments about her body, and unpaid overtime claims as a “live-in nanny”, regardless of full-time student status, not paid 1 1/2 times her normal wage rate for working over 44 hours weekly and denied 1 rest day every 7 days and not paid 3 rest days each year,… Read More

Employment lawyer NY

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act a registered nurse consultant worked from home, rarely interacted with her supervisors, applied her employer’s clinical guidelines while analyzing medical services to determine medical necessity, lacked the final decision authority which her employer / insurer gave to medical directors for all coverage denials, but was still covered under the… Read More