Your employment law issue is critically important!

You know there are many lawyers in New York. Your employer demanded your time and dedication to it and now potential employment lawyers want money from you. Why? Often because it shows your commitment to your legal matter. Do you have substantial documentation to prove a potential claim or will you pay someone to try to secure that evidence for you?

This is the first employment law dispute of your life. You never thought it would happen to you. Maybe you feel betrayed. Maybe you are scared. You are not alone.

You want a strong, competent, zealous advocate. A committed one. One who will do the research to back up whatever claim or defense you might have. You know that the really smart lawyers look it up regardless of their own confidence in education, training, or experience.

Please call many employment lawyers. Experienced, committed, employment lawyers will handle your case from beginning to end. They listen and hear what you say. They ask pointed questions. They want to see whether you should be in litigation or whether there might be a shot at early resolution. Remember that not even the most skilled employment lawyer can force any employer to settle any claim. Even claims which some might think are slam dunks, although virtually none meet that description in real life.

V. Jonas Urba stays very busy. He has to be selective in the cases he takes. There are only so many hours in every day. If you and he choose to work with each other, a written fee agreement will be signed to avoid surprises.  That’s because most every employment law case, whether race or disability discrimination, or one with non paid overtime, demands in depth document analysis, pleading drafting, and time.

Your case or claim needs to be set up properly from the start. The last thing you want or need is to retain one lawyer and then decide you would rather have someone else.

Take time. Speak with many employment lawyers. This may be the only employment law complaint or claim of your life. You want to select properly from the start. Switching employment lawyers is usually a last resort. Some employment lawyers will not agree to substitute for your prior lawyer no matter how great your claim sounds.

Discuss what you want up front. Ask questions. Tell a potential employment lawyer what you expect or would like. If you went to your doctor would you not want to know the best and worst case scenarios? Most patients probably would. And I think most clients would feel the same about their legal matters.

If you can’t speak candidly and honestly with your own employment lawyer, how will that lawyer potentially help you? If you spring important details about your employment law matter on your lawyer at the last minute, how well might that lawyer perform? What might that lawyer hide from you?

Employment law is mostly about people. Who are they? What makes them tick?

Employers usually work with groups. Which employees work best with others? What motivates the group to perform better than the individuals themselves?

Whether your employment law matter is about individual discrimination, personal services contracts, non-compete agreements, or unpaid wages it pays to take some time and speak with a number of employment lawyers before deciding on one.

For Urba Law PLLC, typical employment law litigation includes race, disability, or gender discrimination. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended, and the New York State Human Rights Law, plus Federal Rehabilitation Act, most frequently.

Hostile workplaces no longer require severe or pervasive conduct for protection under New York’s Executive Law as amended in 2019.

The most interesting and challenging unpaid wage claims include those where employers misclassify an employee as not entitled to overtime pay under the administrative exemption. In many cases, the employee did not have the discretion or independent judgment necessary to be exempt from overtime pay.

Employers continue struggling with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Many don’t recognize that failing to engage in the interactive process is illegal under New York State Laws once an employer knows or has reason to know that an employee is disabled permanently or even temporarily.

Private employment agreements including severance packages and non-compete agreements or breaches of the Defend Trade Secrets Act come up regularly. The following video discusses them.