Anyone else see the EEOC shrinking? How about the rise in race and national origin discrimination?

According to Wikipedia:

In recent years, the EEOC has come under criticism for being ineffective.[4][5] A review of enforcement data has shown that less than 3% of complainants prevail when they file an EEOC charge. [6] More, the agency has had the same budget for over 40 years, when adjusted for inflation. [7] The stagnant budget allocated to the EEOC by Congress has forced it to downsize, cutting its original staffing levels by over 60%. Innovations in workplace management from forced employment arbitration agreements to the growing use of employer practices liability insurance (EPLI) policies [8] has rendered the EEOC an obsolete enforcement agency.

Those of us who have visited EEOC offices over the past several years have undoubtedly seen it shrinking with two, unfilled Commissioner positions. At the same time, organizations across the country have confirmed that race and national origin discrimination are on the rise. Is there a correlation? Why have two EEOC Commissioner positions gone unfilled while discrimination rises?

Now that Chair Lipnic is departing will she be replaced? If only two Commissioners remain at the EEOC what purpose might it serve? If race and national origin discrimination are no longer seen as negatives who will fight to preserve the values we have kept as a nation?

Government agencies serve no purpose if they become political pawns. Politics has nothing to do with doing the right thing, making sure that all races and persons regardless of national origin are protected. Government and its agencies lose their potency when they serve no higher purpose than politics. Let’s hope that all races and national origins enjoy equal rights and maintain the vital purpose served by the EEOC.

These are questions that only our public electorate, persons regardless of national origin, can demand answers to. Time will tell as both race and national origin discrimination appear to be rising across our country with no end in sight!

Race discrimination is on the rise.
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