If Urba Law PLLC or V. Jonas Urba, employment lawyer, agrees to represent you might have a similar experience to what others have posted to AVVO, Lawyers.com, or Google.




Not all employment law cases end up in court.

You might be looking for an employment lawyer to draft a demand letter. Urba Law PLLC can help.

You might need help interpreting the meaning of your severance agreement or non-compete restrictions. https://www.urbanylaw.com/new-york-employment-law-914-366-7366/severance-agreement/ Urba Law PLLC handles those; sometimes remotely and for long-distance clients. https://www.urbanylaw.com/new-york-employment-law-914-366-7366/non-compete-agreement/

You may be ready to file charges or a complaint. All of New York State is served. Based on the facts of your case, we might meet in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, or the greater metro New York City area. https://www.urbanylaw.com/new-york-employment-law-914-366-7366/hostile-workplace/

You may need representation in federal court, during mediation, at an arbitration or state administrative hearing. We are here to help; statewide!

Or you may want to better prepare yourself for your next position, contract, or to try to protect yourself better next time. Again, we want to help.

We have over 20 years of employment law experience. Litigation, mediation, hearings, and agreements including all types of restrictive covenants and commission arrangements.

We never guarantee results. But if we agree to help you we put forth 110 percent effort in everything we agree to do. And we always encourage potential clients to call other employment lawyers. Many employment lawyers. Undertaking legal representation is a serious matter. It will require your time and dedication and your lawyer’s. Choose wisely. https://www.urbanylaw.com/

Employment separation is often stressful; whether chosen or forced.

Be honest with any employment lawyer you speak to. No one can give you the best advice if you are not.

Return calls or e-mails promptly. Even before we become lawyer-client, we can often tell whether a potential client has a strong claim by how promptly they respond. We try to respond promptly. But if your initial voice message was not clear or if you stated that “you know you have a case” or you don’t narrow your request down to employment law, it may be impossible to get back to you. All we do is employment law. A full mailbox or a blocked number are usually bad signs.

If you already posted negative things on social media about your employment matter we may be unable to help.

If you are already convinced that going to the media will help you, same thing.

Potential clients say things. And that’s good. Not every lawyer or law firm is a good fit for every potential clients. It’s why we strongly encourage potential clients to call around. If we do not get the facts we need from potential clients without digging, often times we can not help.

Call several lawyers. https://www.urbanylaw.com/new-york-employment-law-914-366-7366/about-contact/ Contact details for Urba Law PLLC.  See who feels or sounds right for you.

Be spontaneous.

Answer questions directly.

Let your potential employment lawyer help direct you to relevant facts.

Understand and appreciate that the process is likely to take time. Sometimes predicting the end is almost impossible.

Appreciate that everyone’s time is valuable. The judge’s, yours, your lawyer’s, and even the employer’s counsel’s if you are a former employee.

Read the reviews, start calling some potential employment lawyers and good luck!

client reviews of V. Jonas Urba

V. Jonas Urba, NOT an “expert” or “specialist”

Mr. Urba Offers Expert Advice and Support
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
February 14, 2017
….Mr. Urba responded to my request for help in a very timely manner …..We were able to come to an agreement with my employer very rapidly due to Mr. Urba’s excellent assistance. I highly recommend that those in need of assistance do not try to work things out on their own, nor should they hire an attorney who is a generalist. It is important to work with an attorney who devotes his or her career to employment law–on the side of the employee. I want to thank Mr. Urba for bringing his years of knowledge to my situation.

Television Production Specialist
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
February 14, 2017
Mr. Urba was very easy to work with …… His advice regarding which actions to pursue allowed me to successfully maintain my employment and secure my retirement benefits, which would have been eliminated 4 months before my eligibility date.

Excellent Attorney, The Best
5.0 stars
Posted by Fernandez
May 29, 2016
Jonas is extremely thorough, professional, determined, passionate, tenacious, empathetic and loyal. He pursued my case with extreme vigor. I will definitely retain him in the future and I highly recommend him. I can’t say enough about Jonas Urba. Protecting employees’ careers.

Highly recommended attorney!
5.0 stars
Posted by Antonia
February 14, 2017
…..From the first call to Jonas Urba, it was clear to me that he had a great understanding of DOL and employment law, and very importantly he was going to be pragmatic and strategic in evaluating the merit of my case and in developing the factual framework to win. He researched NY DOL cases and identified three to use as precedent for my case. Four months later, three appeals later and three decision reversals later, we won the case…… honest providing me with excellent legal counsel…..

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