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The name of your employer is VERY important. If we have a conflict of interest all communication stops there. We will tell you up front.

Your job title and how long you have held it is probably the second most important item to disclose to an employment lawyer. We will get into your pay, benefits, bonuses, etc…. later.

Are you protected by either a government job, a union contract or a private employment agreement? The analysis begins there. If you answer no then you are probably an “at will” employee.

“At will” employees fired for no reason have little recourse unless they were discriminated. That’s where your employer’s or supervisor’s motivation becomes important if it affected an adverse employment action of yours.

Employment discrimination requires discriminatory motive. And motive is usually proven with circumstantial evidence. Such evidence is rarely easily gathered.

You will be asked many questions. Your answers to those questions will speak volumes.

No amount of emails, text messages, or any other communication excluding personal conversation can substitute for conferences with employment discrimination lawyers.

Complete the form and feel free to call around. You need to get a feel for everyone who practices in this area of law. Not every lawyer is the right fit for every potential client. Find the right employment lawyer who fits your particular needs best.

Blogging or going to the media about sex discrimination can backfire.
Unpaid overtime sometimes applies to salaried employees too.
Unless you fully understand severance or non-competes don’t sign them without legal review.
Use the internet to find a law firm which focuses on employment law across New York.
Unfortunately, race discrimination is on the rise.