No two severance or non-compete agreements are the same.

Discuss your agreement with some employment lawyers on the phone first. Even if you tell us what parts of your agreement concern you, we will likely have to read the entire agreement before addressing your specific concern.

Once we understand your concern(s) we can determine whether additional paperwork needs to be reviewed. Employee handbooks, performance reviews, and emails often become relevant.

When we have combined your specific concern(s) or need(s) with documents which may need to be reviewed and analyzed we can usually provide you with a flat rate cost for reviewing documents electronically. You rarely have to leave your home unless you would rather do so.

Every agreement is unique. Do not assume that a colleague with similar background and credentials has an identical non-compete or non-solicitation provision in their employment contract. Each employee has the power to negotiate independently regardless of what an employer may allege. Employers like to claim that everyone is the same, knowing that they do not have to truthfully disclose to you the contracts under which other employees work.

Although employers generally want to pay equitable severance pay, if any, they can and do make exceptions for many different reasons. They can always distinguish one employee’s service from that of another. It’s not hard to do.

There are hundreds of ways to differentiate employees. Sometimes employees who file lawsuits are automatically paid more although those who risk doing so might have their suits dismissed and receive nothing.

We never want employees to risk losing a severance offer. But that rarely happens. Once an employer has committed to paying severance, unless they discover some gross misconduct on the employee’s part, they will generally extend a similar, if not the same, offer to the employee later down the road. This is subject to an employee who has “clean hands” as opposed to the “unclean hands doctrine” of the common law where an employee has committed some wrongdoing.