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It only takes a few minutes to assess whether a severance or employment lawyer might be of help to you.

What is the biggest misconception that many employees have? Employment claims are unlike personal injury claims. Employment lawyers, regardless of how menacing or threatening their gauntlets might be, have no power to force employers into resolution or settlement. Very little in employment law, or law in general, happens fast.

Employment law claims are all about the facts. And those facts often span months or years. And months or years often include many anecdotal incidents. And all of those circumstances must be woven together within a compelling story. And that story must support a plausible theory of discrimination. And the discriminatory theory should be bolstered with relevant, caselaw research. And the research will preferably be binding upon the state, district, or reviewing circuit within which the claim arose.

Your severance agreement is an important document. Read it very carefully. Complete the employment lawyer contact form to help an employment lawyer explain all of the potential causes of action you will be giving up, should you choose a thorough review. This will take some time.

Filing charges of employment discrimination or a complaint should only occur if:

  • You risk missing a time deadline and have no other choice (up to 1 year from an adverse employment action to file with the NYS DHR)
  • You have discussed your claim or charge with an employment lawyer and they agree it’s a good idea (although the agencies have good lawyers who represent all citizens, they encourage employees to retain private counsel also, since they themselves are swamped)
  • Nothing else has worked and you can’t find an employment lawyer; or you were constructively discharged (it is rare for a workplace to be so hostile or offensive that an employee has no choice but to quit)

Please complete the intake form regardless of whether you prefer email or an initial phone conference. A timesaver for all.

It is not unusual for employees to want a greater severance package. Although most employers do not rescind rejected offers it can happen. Negotiating your severance package is a little trickier than negotiating a car purchase although some similarities exist. Start with an employment lawyer by:

  • Telephone conference – necessary in most all situations
  • Zoom conference – usually after we have spoken on the phone.
  • Skype conference – usually after we have spoken on the phone.

If you were not covered by your own private, term employment contract nor a collective bargaining agreement,

Were you discriminated at work?

Did you work in a hostile workplace?

A hostile workplace is not the same as an unpleasant or nasty one. The first one might be illegal. The second and third adjectives describe many which are not.

Were you a salaried employee, regularly working over 40 hours a week, with no discretion or independent judgment at work? You might be entitled to unpaid overtime in spite of being paid a salary.

Instant text messages seem to be all the rage. Completing the employment lawyer contact form above is better. Most employment law claims are so complex that a quick initial call to (914) 366-7366, no charge, is your best choice. Speak with a severance or employment lawyer. It’s usually more efficient than texting.

Urba Law PLLC limits its practice to just severance and employment law. Jonas serves the entire state of New York.

Unless you authorize disclosure of information it remains CONFIDENTIAL.

Contact a severance lawyer or contact many for a no charge 1st phone conference. Never hesitate to contact other employment lawyers. It’s always a good idea to get feedback from several employment lawyers before choosing one.

Our first priority is usually for you to keep your job.

Sometimes that’s impossible. Next we determine if anything illegal happened specifically related to the way you were fired. Not whether your employer violated OSHA requirements or whether it paid taxes correctly. Those are important but they will not get your job back or increase any potential damages owed to you unless you suffered physical injuries because of those violations.

We are always looking for an illegal motivation or an illegal reason which caused or was related to your termination.

Most employees are “at will”. No reason is a good reason for severance or separation from a job. The following types of employees have more protection:

  • Employees who work for a government – local, state, federal
  • Employees who are covered by unions – collective bargaining agreements or group contracts for lack of a better word – every member should enjoy the same protections or lack thereof
  • Employees with private employment agreements or contracts – these are usually written term agreements (i.e. Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021).

Remember to contact a severance lawyer for an initial call to (914) 366-7366 no charge. Don’t forget to complete the contact form too.

If it sounds like there might be a claim then we discuss process, sometimes during the free initial phone conference.

There are many different ways to handle an employment or severance issue. The employment lawyer you choose will probably be someone who has a similar style to your own. You can get a sense of that fairly quickly on the phone.

Of course, some potential clients prefer zoom or skype conferences with video which can always be arranged. Fewer employees or former employees need to meet their employment lawyers in person.

Call around. Speak with many employment lawyers and you will know if the fit is right. We do fairly quickly. Good luck.

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No reason is a good reason to terminate at will employees. We need a plausible theory for employment discrimination claims which sometimes rise to hostile workplaces.

1980 – B.S. – Indiana University

1983 – M.B.A. – University of South Florida

1988 – J.D. – Valparaiso University School of Law

1988 – Passed multistate bar exam and began practicing law.

1994 – Sworn into second multistate jurisdiction to practice law.

2008 – Sworn into the Massachusetts Bar where I remain inactive.

2011 – Sworn into the New York State Bar where I practice statewide. My practice is exclusively employment law limited to New York State and federal law.

2014 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

2015 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York

2020 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York

2020 – Admitted to the United States District Court for the Western District of New York